Petit Seminaire CBSE School

(Le Conseil D' Administration Del' Archdiocese De Pondicherry)

The Premier Institution in Puducherry

WELCOME TO Petit Seminaire CBSE School

The Premier Institution in Puducherry

Petit Seminaire CBSE School, the Premier Institution in Puducherry State has its origin two centuries ago. It was started as a seminary cum college in 1792. The foundations for the present elaborate structures were laid in 1844 and was completed and blessed on the 19th March 1846. Strictly speaking our school in its present form originated 175 years ago. In 1904, one English section was opened and three classes namely 6th, 7th & 8th stds, were introduced. In 1932 the school got upgraded to Matriculation level and was affiliated to Madras University. In 1934 the first batch of students was sent for Matriculation Examination and all came out successfully. Since the public took much interest in English education, there was a decrease in the strength in the French section and so the Baccalaureate was given up in 1960 and finally French became only a second language in the School. In 1978, when the government introduced 10+2 system, Petit Seminaire High School was one of the first institutions to be transformed into a Higher Secondary School Started with a strength of 100, the present strength stands at 7646 with a staff strength of 220. Petit Seminaire is known for its discipline, character formation and excellence in academics, sports and games, cocurricular and extracurricular activities. It is also known as a professional school wherein most of the Higher Secondary students who pass out get into many professional colleges.
All should aim at greatness but greatness can not be achieved by any means. It should be realised only through goodness namely good, just and legal activities. All the students should be aware, whatever we do is not good, it can never be called great. Goodness should precede every action.

Our Vision at Petit Seminaire CBSE School is to educate students to realise their self-worth and to value life of preparing them to face challenges that arise from within and the Society by large in facing the Global Competition. To catalyse the students for their round development and to aid them to learn, to participate, to lead & to Contribute for the empowerment of Our Nation.


To provide advanced and extensive learning resources for participatory, interactive and creative learning. To develop foresightedness, critical cum analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. To identify and explore the uniqueness of each student for reaching the zenith of their domain and to mould them to be a responsible citizen.